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Let us help you achieve your dream bathroom by using our streamlined design-and-build approach. Our superior, complete bathroom remodeling services are available to residents of Bothell and Lake Stevens.

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180+ Projects

180+ Projects

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Bathroom remodeling

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We at New Day Construction offer the following bathroom remodeling services to help you improve your bathroom's function and aesthetics:

Bathroom Fixtures

You may be surprised at how updating the bathroom's plumbing fixtures can give your room a modern, fresh look. Replacing the sink, faucets, or toilet may do the trick.

Bathroom Cabinets

We will create bathroom cabinets that reflect your style and aesthetic. We can also show you a range of inspirations for your cabinets, but we will only build something that speaks to your preferences.

Bathroom Flooring

Replacing your bathroom flooring with tile could give your space an aesthetic touch. The new flooring could also make the space look more pleasant.
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Upgrade Your Bathroom into a Spa-like Retreat

Your bathroom is one of the most vital rooms in your house, since it provides functionality that can’t be replaced by any other room. You can’t go a day without using this room; eventually, it will begin to look outdated and worn down over time. That’s why you need to hire a professional for your bathroom project.

Bothell, WA residents trust New Day Construction to help them remodel their bathrooms. We have the equipment and skills necessary to complete the job fast and hassle-free.


It's easy for you to get started.

We make remodeling easy. Simply follow our simple 4-step formula, and we'll get started with your renovation project.


Initial Meeting

Let’s talk about your bathroom remodeling project! Every design-build project starts with a conversation - what do you envision for your space? We'll schedule an in-home to get to know you better, hear about your home and goals, and start getting inspired.


Design Phase

After we have a design agreement, we will work with you to review your list of priorities, goals, and 3D designs for bathroom project. We'll ensure that all proposed designs conform to local building code requirements.


Construction Phase

Before we begin construction on your project, we'll hold a Pre-Construction Meeting to discuss logistics and expectations. Your project will also be inspected at its conclusion in order for us to ensure that everything is done correctly.


Project Finalization & Warranty

When bathroom construction is complete, we will walk you through your new home to show you how everything works. From that point on, simply enjoy your beautiful and functional space!

Why Remodel Bathroom with New Day

Space Planning and Material Selection

We will consider your bathroom layout, keeping in mind available space, to help you get the most out of your room. For example, if you want a double-sink counter but do not have enough space for one, we'll advise you accordingly. We want your bathroom to be practical without compromising on freedom of movement. We will use floor and vertical space intelligently to get the most out of the room.

At New Day Construction we can help you choose the right materials for your bathroom. We'll explain the benefits of durable, functional and stylish flooring as well as the importance of picking a material which can withstand foot traffic and moisture.

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